Maine Returnable Bottle Initiative
How it works
Beverage Manufacturer, distributor, wholesaler, etc.
Initiator of deposit Wholsaler-Broker ( if applicable)
Charges 5 cent deposit to retailer
pays 5 cent deposit to Initiator then charges Retailer
Start Here      
 Returnable Services removes the containers from the
 redemption center and insures their destruction.  
 RSI then bills initiator for the 5 cent deposit, 3.5 cent handling fee
 and the RSI collection fee.(to be determined)
 Returnable Services identifies initiators container
 and pays the redemption center the 5 cent deposit 
 and a 3.5 cent handling fee per container on behalf  Retailer
 of the initiator. Pays 5 cents to initiator,
collects 5 cent deposit
from consumer
Local redemption center Retail Stores
or RVM Site in ME      
 Once consumed, consumer consumer drinks 
 returns empty container to a local  products and saves
 redemption center and Empties for return
 receives their 5 cent deposit back
RVM = Reverse Vending Machine -Tomra, CBSI, Count & Crush