Third Party Pick Up Service to Distributors

RSI has been doing collections since the inception of the ME Bottle Bill and therefore we fully understand all aspects of how the program works each step of the way.

As your third party pickup agent we travel throughout Maine to over 500 redemption centers and retail establishments on either a weekly or bi-weekly basis and collect your empty beverage containers on your behalf.

Specialized Software and onboard computer systems in our collection vehicles, make invoicing comprehensive and accurate. Our software gives us almost limitless ability to create reports specific to the needs of each manufacturer to fulfill all your reporting and analytical needs.

We then recycle your containers at our recycling plant in Portland Maine without ever having your materials leave our control until they are no longer in any form capable of being re-redeemed.

Our Manufacturer billing department combines all aspects of collections throughout the entire state. This gives our customers one comprehensive invoice for both redemption centers and RVM collections. This can used to meet all of the State of ME reporting requirements.

Full Recycling Facility

At our recycling plant in Portland we process glass, aluminum, tin, corrugated cardboard and various plastics. With our intricate knowledge of the recycling industry we can provide you with a full range of options in the ever-changing and extremely complex recovery business.

We also do full bottle Product destruction for a variety of different manufacturers including Water and Soda bottlers and even some Health and beauty aids manufacturers

Key Benefits

  • Environmental Quality - Our ability to recycle your materials means less trash in our landfills and more reusable products to consumers.

Corporate Image - In today’s environmentally conscious world we can satisfy all your recycling needs and thereby improve public perceptions of your company helping to potentially increase your sales.

Local & OTR Services also available

We are able to provide local and OTR services with a fleet of 7 tractors, 132 - 48' and 53' trailers, and 10 - 24'-26' box trucks. We haul over much of Northern New England and thus we may be able to provide trucking services that are mutually beneficial.

Key Benefits

  • Collection Concerns Eliminated You will not have to worry about the collection and payment of your materials from the most remote locations in Maine. We provide full service to geographic regions thereby eliminating any of your time and effort in remaining in compliance with the appropriate state bottle bill.
  • Specialized Equipment RSI has developed a specialized Access Database to keep track of all commodities collected. This valuable resource allow us to conduct audits and to ensure accurate unit counts for our customers.
  • Fraud Deterrent Because RSI is concerned about our customers return rates we work continually to ensure accuracy and deter fraudulent redemption. Along with monitoring the quantities of the returnable items we collect, our drivers perform audits at the redemption center level. Audits are also performed by the management staff on the road to ensure individual loads are accurate. RSI has actively participated in prosecuting several past instances of fraudulent redemption which have led to fines and convictions.
  • Financial Stability RSI’s financial stability ensures our customers receive uninterrupted service and redemption centers receive payments within days of collection.  This benefits you because under the State of Maine Bottle Bill initiators of deposit are solely responsible to pay redemption centers within 10 days regardless of who actually picked up the products. Our financial stability and history demonstrate and insure our commitment to pay the centers on your behalf and limit the liabilities you could incur.
  • More Competitive We pay the redemption centers on your behalf twice a week, allowing your products to be viewed as a better choice to the retailer thus potentially increasing your sales.
  • On Site Recycling Since we have control of your product from the initial pickup till its destruction we virtually eliminate the potential for re-redemption.
  • Cost effective We provide pick up service for over 150 different manufacturers, 6 distributors and the State of Maine, and therefore we have the economies of scale that help keep our collection costs low and a quality of service unsurpassed anywhere.
  • Dedicated Customer Relations We have a dedicated full-time Customer/Vendor Relations Department which is knowledgeable and always ready to answer your questions regarding collections, sorting requirements, invoicing or the creation of new accounts. Inquires can be made by phone or through email. Also redemption centers can schedule collection services directly online as needed.



We have provided top quality collection services ranging from box trucks to tractor trailers in Maine for over 30 years on behalf of an excess of 150 manufacturers and we are in good standing with the States of Maine Departments of Environmental Protection which oversees the Maine Bottle Bill. We are the largest third party pick up agent in the state and are growing more every day.

RSI has the right equipment assets to do the job effectively. Along with the largest processing facility currently in the State of Maine.