Returnable Services LLC

Our Approach

With over fourty years of experience in providing collection for various manufacturers and owning a full recycling facility since 1998 we provide a full range of services. This includes collections at both redemption centers and reverse vending locations, payments on behalf of manufacturers, and their recycling needs. Onboard computer systems technically enhance our ability to accurately service both the manufacturer and the redemption center. This also allows the redemption centers and retailers to receive their revenues within 4-7 days, which in turn encourages the resellers to promote these products over other products that are picked up or paid less frequently. After pick up from the redemption centers, our products are processed at our own recycling plant, relieving the manufacturer of the concern that their products may somehow slip back into the community and be redeemed a second time.

Meet the Team

With over 115 years combined in the Bottle Bill and Recycling Industry RS LLC's Executive Management Team can take care your most complex customer service needs.  Here are the people that make up this Awesome Maine Team.

Coby Gross

General Manager

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Gary Jones

Collections Manager

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Rick Rodrigue

I.T. and Database Manager

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Mark Rubito

Plant Manager

Eric Heath

Logistics Manager

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